toki pona



I'm not gonna write this entire thing in toki pona (even though it'd be really fun). I really love toki pona. It's such a cool language!

ni li seme a?

so what is toki pona? toki pona is a constructed language (meaning one person or a group of people created it rather than it being developed naturally) with under 200 words and simple grammar. It was created by jan Sonja in 2001 and is based around minimalism. Look at the infographic on the right for more info and statistics (I made it!!).

tan seme?

Why should you want to learn toki pona? Well:

"mi wile kama sona!"

so, do you want to learn this language? Here are some good resources I've found:

(video) jan Kekan San's toki pona lessons
(video) jan Misali's toki pona lessons
(text) toki pona in 76 illustrated lessons
(text) nasin toki pona by jan Juli
(dictionary) lipu pi jan sin pi toki pona
(dictionary) lipu Linku

"mi wile musi!"

here's some fun things in toki pona

(video) lots of youtube videos in toki pona
(comic) jan Pepa en soweli Kawa
(music) my music in toki pona
(game) Late for School (available in both English and toki pona)
(game) nasin sona musi


soweli kijetesantakalu