holy fucking jeezus christ I love tmnt
I can't even properly express how much joy (mostly) everything related to TMNT gives me.
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My fav turtle is obv Donnie but I love all of em


(sorry if there are any errors btw, I don't know all the lore (yet))

So if you didn't know, TMNT stands for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They're turtles! (and ninjas (and mutants (and teenagers)))

There are different origins from different continuities, but basically, the turtles were normal turtles until they were mutated into half humans, half turtles. Splinter was also mutated, though he was mutated from human to half human, half rat.

Now lemme talk about each of the turtles :D




Leonardo (AKA Leo, Leon, Nardo and more) is (usually) the leader. He is not in ROTTMNT and the 90s movies, where Raph is the leader. He uses katanas and his color is blue.

Leo is usually a huge dork. He wants to play by the rules when possible and acts as the oldest brother. An exception is ROTTMNT where Leo is a middle child and acts very confident. He constantly crack jokes, even to a fault. I love both versions of his character.



(does machines)

Donatello (AKA Donnie, Donald, Tello, Othello van Ryan, Bootyyyshaker9000 and more) is the tech guy. He uses a bo staff and sometimes includes his tech while fighting. His color is purple (best color).

Ok so the biggest reason I love Donnie so much is his 2018 version. HE IS AUTISTIC AND I LOVE IT. It's actually how I got into TMNT in the first place. I watched a video called "Donnie being autistic for 10 minutes" and just fell in love with the TMNT universe from there. 2018 Donnie is also the reason I started researching low empathy and actually found out what it was and that how it describes me pretty well.



(cool but rude)

Raphael (AKA Raph, Raphala and more) is the sarcastic hothead. He uses sais and his color is red.

Raph usually has the best jokes, especially in 87. He usually has some degree of anger issues. Still, he cares about his brothers and others in his life.

I love 2012 Raph the most and RaMona is the only canon ship I actually like in that version. I love how he acts with Spike and Chompy.



(party dude)

Michelangelo (AKA Mikey, Angelo, Mike, Mikester and more) is the jokester and sunshine of the group. He uses nunchucks and his color is orange.

Mikey is the goofiest of the turtles. He could be seen as the comic relief, but that applies to all of the turtles tbh. He is always the younger brother (either literally or just in spirit).

My fav version of him is in ROTTMNT, mostly because of how positive he is, his design and how fun Dr. Delicate Touch and Dr. Feelings can be. I also love 87's voice. It's really easy to imitate and that makes it even funnier to say quotes like "No way, amigo. Our bro could never do anything like that."

how obsessed am I, really?

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I don't have anything more to say so uhhhhhhh poll! which turtle is your fav?


1987-donatello 2012-donatello