song rec of the week

week 12


Everything I Own by Drive45

I love how bouncy this sounds. It just makes me so happy whenever I listen to it. The music video is also cool.

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week 11


Retrospective by Heitor Pereira

Fearless hero is good but I think this song is my fav from the entire soundtrack.

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week 8


Tresko by Rasmus Thall

This song was one of the songs that could get into Eurovision, but it didn't. I love it though, and the stage show is really cool!

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week 7


Hot Faced by Margaux

Holy jeez!!!! Great voice, good lyrics (that I don't understand entirely, but it does sound pretty and also stuff like "I wanna see myself malfunctioning" is SO good), everything blending together. I love this song. I also recommend the live/paper moon sessions version :)

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week 6


Happiness by Starry Cat

This song reminds me of being at a summer camp, it's hard to describe. I love the drums!

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week 5


Divine Loser by Clem Turner

OMIGOSH this song has literally made me cry several times. "my habits wouldn't heal, I'd have to have kill god" *mwah*

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week 4


Le château by Ginger Root

I love how this one sounds and it just makes me happy. It's also fun to understand some of the french parts!

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week 3


Smother by Daughter

This song has really good lyrics

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